C1 Advanced Vocabulary

  • Author: Robert Islam
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 30-50 hours
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Get ready for the C1 Exam. Start from the vocabulary.

You will improve vocabulary and lexical knowledge.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Tests included

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expertise to a new level!

10 Chapters

Every chapter contains 3-4 sets of activties.

Lexical sets

This course helps you practise words that go together.

Gap fill exercises

You will have to think about the correct words that fit in the gaps.


You will refresh your grammar intrinsically.


You can test your knowledge with the tests included.

Created by

Robert Islam

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Robert is a Cambridge Certified teacher. He has been working as a teacher for over 25 years and has taught people of all age groups. 
Since 2005, Robert's distinctive communication style inspires individuals, groups and audiences around the world to gain confidence and learn English in a positive way.

Course Lessons