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Types of relationships

  • A casual acquaintance: a person you have met but you don’t know well.
  • Mate: is used in compound nouns to describe a person you share something with.
  • Housemate: a person with whom you share a house.
  • Ex: can be used without (informally) or with another word (eg Ex-girlfriend, ex-husband,).
  • Steady: fixed and not changing suddenly.
  • Partner: partner is used for someone you live with but are not married to or for a business relationship where you share the ownership or running of a company.
  • Parents-in-law: the parents of your husband or wife.

Internet relationships

  • Friends: people you share personal information with.
  • Accept a new friend: by accepting new friends you add them to your network.
  • To interact: exchange messaging or posting comments on your friends’ page.
  • To unfriend / defriend a person: you want to finish the relationship with that person.

Liking and not liking someone

Core verb


Positive (stronger) Negative






Can’t stand



Look up to



Look down on



Be attracted to

Fancy (informal) Leave someone cold

Relationships and dating – Idioms and phrases

  • To get on well with someone: have a good relationship.
  • Don’t see eye to eye: often argue/disagree.
  • To fall out with someone: have arguments with someone.
  • To have an affair with someone: generally a sexual relationship, usually secret.
  • Let’s try and make it up: be friends again after a row / quarrel.
  • To see each other: meeting and spending time together.
  • They met at a party and got together: started a romantic relationship.

Language tips

To make friends (NOT to get friends).

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