Complete IELTS Online Training Course Basic

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Il corso comprende:

  • 15 min colloquio inziale
  • Supporto del Tutor (email support)
  •  5 Correzioni Writing con il Tutor col band di riferimento
  •  5 Correzioni Speaking con il Tutor con il band di riferimento(15 minuti cada uno)
  •  IELTS Reading Training (Academic/General)
  •  IELTS Writing Training (Academic/General)
  •  IELTS Grammar Specific Course
  •  IELTS Listening Training
  •  B2 Vocabulary Course covering over 25 topics
  •  B2 Grammar/Vocabulary Course
  •  50 irregular verbs with exercises
  •  C1/C2 Vocabulary Course with exercises

Please send your writings to for an official assessment. Allow up to 72 hours for a reply.


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